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WPS Report Win (en)
Software for Quality Management of Welding

The standard application for the welding coordinator in the welding company

 •   WPS Report Win (en) [image] - Short Description:
    Software for data management of welders, operators, brazers and NDT personnel
    with their qualifications to different standards
    EN ISO 9606-1:2017 (Steels), EN 287-1:2011 (withdrawn), EN ISO 9606-2:2005 (Aluminum),
    EN ISO 9606-3/4/5 (Cu, Ni, Ti, Zi), EN ISO 14732:2013 (Operator), EN 1418 (withdrawn),
    EN 287-6:2010 (Cast iron), EN ISO 9712 (NDT personnel)
    and optional WPQ, WOPQ to Section IX, ASME BPVC;
    for welding procedure specification WPS according to
    EN ISO 15609-1/2, (optional EN ISO 15609-4/5, EN ISO 14555, ASME BPVC.IX);
    and for qualification of welding procedures WPQR (optional)
    according to EN ISO 15614-1/2/5/6, (optional PQR to ASME BPVC.IX).
 •   Major functions:
    * Personnel and their qualifications [image]
      - Printing of qualification test certificate and evaluation sheets
      - Easy entry of details on the test piece by using drop-down menus
      - Automated and standardized creation of the designation(s) and the range of qualification
      - Checking the validity and the confirmation of the validity for the following 6 months with lists
    * Welding procedure specification WPS [image]
      - Picture library with approximately ca. 280 pictures for WPS
      - Catalogues for Parent metals [image] and Welding consumables
      - Combination possibilities Parent metals - Welding consumables
      - Representation SCHAEFFLER- and DeLONG-Diagram
 •   Auxiliary module:
    * Module "Production weld test (PWT) acc. to EN 15085-4 and PWT planning"
      - Documentation of the Production weld test (PWT) (work tests) and the test results
      - Confirmation the validity of Section 4.2.4 of EN 15085-4 (as for welder tests acc. to EN ISO 9606-1)
      - Creating Production weld test (PWT) planning for complex components for rail vehicle components
        according to DVS instructions M 1621 (2017-11)

    * Module "Multilingual print-forms"
      - Printing of the approval test certificate according to EN ISO 9606-1/2, EN 287-1/6 and
        the WPS according to EN ISO 15609-1/2 optionally in English or French
      - Other languages (Danish, French, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Swedish,
        Slovenian, Spanish ...) on request

    * Module "Qualification of welding procedures WPQR [image]"
      - Administration of the qualifications of welding methods according to Series of standards
        EN ISO 15607 to 15614, EN ISO 15614-1 (Steels, Nickel), EN ISO 15614-2 (Aluminium),
        EN ISO 15614-5 (Titanium, Zirconium) and EN ISO 15614-6 (Copper)
      - Inserting a WPQR document number in the WPS
      - Printing of the report about qualification (WPQR) according to appendix A
        of the EN ISO 15614-1 and a two-sided Report of test results for the WPQR.

    * Module "Brazers and brazing operators according to EN ISO 13585"
      - Printing of the test certificate according to EN ISO 13585:2012 Annex A (Brazer qualification
        test certificate) and Annex B (Brazer operator qualification test certificate)
      - Automatic creation of the designation according to Section 11 and
        the range of qualification according to Section 5

    * Module "Seam cross section, parameter"
      - Recommendations for joint preparation according to EN ISO 9692-1:2013
      - Computation seam cross-section, seam volume and seam mass,
      - Calculation of the welding parameters (welding consumables - consumption, welding production
        time, ...) from the seam cross-section and performance data of the welding consumables

    * Module "Production orders and Welding quality documentation"
      - Exemplary of the welding planning for components, assemblies, components or rail vehicles
      - Creation Production Order/ Project with Model series, Product, Order number, Lot size, etc.
      - Assignment of staff employed (Welders and NDT Examiner) with the appropriate tests,
        Production weld test, WPS, WPQR and materials
      - Creation of Welding quality documentation: Work planning with construction-related operations
        (M 1610), Production weld test planning (M 1621) and Test planning (M 1610).

    * Module "Document management (pdf, doc, xls, jpg)"
      - Database-driven management of welding technical documents in electronic form
      - File Types: pdf, doc, xls, jpg, bmp, txt, xml and others

    * Additional modules for Special welding processes

    - Module "WPS for Arc stud welding according to EN ISO 14555"
        Arc stud welding (ISO 4063 - 78) of metallic materials according to Annex C of EN ISO 14555:2017
    - Module "WPS for the Resistance spot welding"
        Print a welding procedure specification for the Resistance spot welding (ISO 4063 - 21)
        contained in Section 4 (Technical contents of welding procedure specification) and in accordance
        with Annex A (Planned process requirements) of the EN ISO 15609-5:2011
    - Module "WPS for Laser beam welding"
      - Print a two-sided Welding procedure specification for Laser beam welding (ISO 4063 - 52)
        according to Annex A of the EN ISO 15609-4:2009
      - Page 1 inter alia with the used equipment: Laser welding machine, Plasma suppression gas,
        Shielding gas system, Beam delivery and focusing system, etc.,
      - Page 2 inter alia with Beam parameters and Mechanical parameters,
      - WPQR in accordance to Annex A of EN ISO 15614-11:2002 (Electron and laser beam welding)
        as an Inclusion (without printing document) in the List of qualifications of welding procedures.

    * Additional module according to ASME BPV Code Section IX
        ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code
        Welding, Brazing, and Fusing Qualifications; 2017 Edition, Date of Issuance: July 1, 2017

      - Material database with ca. 560 steels according to US standards (ASTM, API 5L, SAE J) from the
        table QW/QB-422, ASME BPVC "Grouping of Base Metals for Qualification" amongst other things
        with Type or Grade, UNS Number, P-Number, Sub Group and ISO 15608 group,
      - Compare US Materials - Materials in accordance with EN (DIN) with about 1.120 assignments,
      - Welding filler material with designation according to EN ISO, AWS Classification, F-Number
        (QW-430) and A-Number (Weld metal analysis QW 440).

      - WPQ (Welder) und WOPQ (Operator) in accordance with ASME BPVC.IX
        Welder Performance Qualification WPQ in accordance with FORM QW-484A
        Welding Operator Performance Qualification in accordance with FORM QW-484B
      - WPS-Form in accordance with ASME BPVC.IX, FORM QW-482
        Welding Procedure Specification
      - PQR-Form in accordance with ASME BPVC.IX, FORM QW-483
        Procedure Qualification Record

        Display of "Welding Variables" in a Dialog box [image] for the main Section JOINTS (QW-402) until
        TECHNIQUE (QW-410) and for the main Welding processes OFW (QW-252) to LBW (QW-264).
        For each main Section the "Brief of Variables" and the Type of variable
        (Essential, Supplementary Essential, Nonessential) with Legend are displayed.

    * Aerospace applications ISO 24394 (welders and welding operators)
        and ISO 11745 (brazers and brazing operators) on request.
 •   System Requirements:
    - Personal computer
    - VGA card (at least 1152 x 864 pixels)
    - Printer (A4 laser recommended)
    - at least 500 MB free disk space
    - Compatibility: Windows® XP, Vista, 7 (32 and 64 bit),Windows 8.1 and 10
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